Video Production Melbourne

Medialight Studios is an online video production company producing corporate videos, promotional videos, social media content and more. Our aim is to make make the process of video production easy and fast. With our online service quote, we can give you a price for your project, same day! Video Production Melbourne.

Video Production Melbourne

We have years of experience in the industry covering everything from live event production to web videos. Packages include corporate videos, web videos and more. We also provide individual services including videography, editing, live presentation, mastering, and media design.

Services include:

Additionally we can provide video audio mastering, sound design, green screen studio production, corporate events, DVD authoring and much more.

Virtual Reality!

Virtual reality, also known as VR or 360, is a form of video whereby the viewer can look around the environment in a 360 degree fashion. Medialight Studios has begun using virtual reality cameras and creating dynamic and interesting videos. These videos have included content in the education sector for learning and informative purposes. Additionally, If you have an idea or concept and would like to know more about virtual reality video, please call and we can help you understand the process and costing.

Web Streaming

Web streaming is becoming increasingly popular and will only get more common in todays media rich society. The process of broadcasting your event, is easy and will enhance your reach. When broadcasting (streaming) your event, you not only have a live web stream, you also get a HD recording of the whole event. With this recording, you can then upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo and have your event accessible to everyone post the event.